Chris Hoggett Retrospective

Chris Hoggett Retrospective| 17th -20th and 24th – 27th January

Chris Hoggett was a well-known artist in the Cheltenham area and nationally.  We had planned a retrospective for January 2018, but his death in September changed our plans.  The family and friends of Chris Hoggett have, however, decided to continue with this exhibition, which will take place in the middle two weeks of January.

I have always been a fan of Chris’ work but there is so much more than I ever realised, with very attractive self-portraits, captivating nudes and wonderful abstracts and dream-works.

The work that Chris has left offers a legacy of a unique artist’s vision, all works will be sold at incredibly good prices.  This is a marvellous opportunity to acquire a memory of a great artist with a fantastic touch in watercolour and other media.

The work that I knew previously was from his darker time, but this was just part of him.  This exhibition is both varied and exciting.

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We are delighted to announce our upcoming event

MINING PERCEPTIONS by Sally Fawkes and Alex Ho at Chapel Arts, Cheltenham

Preview - Friday 15th June, 6.30pm to 8pm. The exhibition will continue thereafter from the 13th to the 30th June 2018.

This innovative exhibition is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between renowned glass artist Sally Fawkes and Oxbridge composer Alex Ho. The centrepiece of this exhibition is a multi-sensory music and video experience created by both artists, surrounded by glass sculptures, drawings and photographs by Sally.

The project takes as its starting point an expedition Sally undertook in 2016 to Scandinavia where she spent a month sailing along the coastline of northern Norway aboard a tall ship, observing and recording her response to the extraordinarily powerful environs. Her experiences were as much physical as visual and it is therefore perhaps unsurprising that Sally was drawn to the idea of a multi-sensory exhibition to capture those experiences artistically

We are also delighted to have an exhibition of works by local artist Sallie Taylor. A collection of etchings, oils and drawings illustrate moments and conversations that accompanied her travels through the English countryside.

13th to the 30th June 2018