Peter Sayers Photography

Peter Sayers Photography| 28 November – 11 December

Living in Cheltenham for nearly a quarter of a century, Peter Sayers became interested in Cheltenham’s Lower High Street when he noticed the rapid changes that were occurring and recently started to document some of the sights that he felt needed recording. A sample are shown here. He particularly focuses on encouraging people to look: to view the perhaps common place that occurs daily, often above eye level, that form movement patterns or strong images that capture the altering face of our streets.
The photographer Peter Sayers is perhaps best known for his pictures and film work of dance, particularly modern dance, and has been published in many countries. With a long career in working with movement and people in space, Peter worked first as a press photographer and covered many mass-people events in the 1980’s when demonstrations were commonplace. He was the photographer for CND and the TUC. He specialised in archival photography and only recently moved to digital photography when he felt the technology could rival traditional methods and now prints on specially prepared papers that have more than a 100 year minimum lifetime.
In parallel with his career as a photographer, Peter also taught Art and Design and became the head of the Cheltenham College of Art and a University Dean. Maintaining an interest in science he was a commissioner on the Human Genetics Commission and a Government appointee to the Telecommunications regulator. His films of dance reconstructions of the 1920’s are sold worldwide.
He is particularly welcoming to any comments or local stories and can be contacted on:

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Ric James at Chapel Arts Cheltenham
We are delighted to announce our upcoming event

Ric James | Paintings, Prints & Sculpture

Ric’s exhibition brings us both reality-based and abstract subjects. Much of his work captures his interest in New York, especially the works of Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Roy Lichtenstein. They make bold statements with vibrant use of colour, rhythm and texture.

In addition, we will be showing a selection of Ric’s sculptures, including limited edition bronzes.

28th February – 24th March 2018

Private View, Friday 9th March 6.30pm – 8.00pm
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