Abstract 7

Abstract 7 | 4th July – 28th July

The Abstract 7 are a group of five painters one potter and one sculptor; all of whom favour the modernist’s approach and a philosophy of abstraction that echoes the appreciation of the New York abstract expressionists. The group launched their first exhibition as ‘Abstract 7’ at the Penwith Gallery where Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth first made a stand for abstraction in England.

The common ground amongst the group is the premise that subject matter carries less importance than feeling. Music is often cited as a catalyst, as are dance and colour, thoughts glimpsed out of context. Choice and manipulation of materials are important along with a certain amount of introspection and hard-won intuition gained through much experience, leading to a confident sense of balance.

Abstraction 7 are Christine Allen, Sue Davis, Sean Hewitt, Richard Holliday, Paul Jackson, Peter Morrell and Frank Phelan



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