Coastal Perspectives

Coastal Perspectives | 28th March – 21st April

Robert Jones

My sea paintings are informed by my personal experience working as skipper of fishing boats during the 1970s working around the coast of west Cornwall. I realised that we were fishing the very places that feature in Alfred Wallis’s paintings. I saw his work in a new light and and became fascinated by the sources of the imagery in his paintings. This led to my first book on the artist, published in 2001, described as the first significant original research into Alfred Wallis since the 1960s.’

I think that paintings, if they are any good, work on many levels. For most people the subject matter may be seen as the most significant factor, but there are other things at play. The scale and proportion of one part of the painting in relation to another, and the shape of the spaces between and around objects is fascinating. I see it as the structure and architecture of painting.


Chris Hardman

After working for a number of years as a primary school teacher he became a senior lecturer in Higher Education, in Southampton, teaching painting, drawing and computer graphics to students studying for Bachelor of Arts Honours Degrees. In 1996 he moved to Cornwall to become a professional artist.

His subjects vary from Cornish sea / landscapes to scenes which can be observed in the small fishing coves dotted around the Lizard Peninsula. Chris mainly works in watercolour and oil paint and is also an experienced painter of portraits.

In March 2016, he set up a studio in Krowji, in Redruth, where he began to work on a more ambitious scale and extend the range of his subjects.

In October 2017, he moved to Fairford, Gloucestershire where he continued further developments in his work with large pen, brush and ink drawings.

Alongside the painters we have a numbers of works in wood, ceramics, glass by Graham Ikin, Derek Elliott, Loco Glass, Toff Milway and Colin Chetwood, all member of the Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen.

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