EXHIBITION | Vietnam, India, England & the European Continent (Private Collection of Ian James)

Wed 27 October 2021 – Sat 22 January 2022

Wed – Sat, 10am – 4pm


This exhibition is an interesting one – a selection of oils, watercolours and mixed media paintings gathered by Ian and Christine James during their years of travel in Vietnam, India, England & the European continent. The exhibition also includes sculptures from France, USA, Vancouver Island, the UK, Mexico and Nigeria.

All the work is for sale.

Works from India

Ian bought from studios and galleries mostly based in and around Kolkata, travelling huge distances to seek out the most interesting art, sometimes buying direct from the artists.

He visited Kolkata every month for 3 years – fascinated by the energy of the place and the creativity that stemmed from it, and he sought out artists from every corner of this marvellous, bustling-with-life place.

Animesh Dutta is a well-known artist who paints with oils on paper and mixed media using deep colours and textures. The figures are still and thoughtful – almost theatrical. We have 10 unframed and 2 framed.

Works from Vietnam

Nguyen Trung
Nguyen Trung is one of the most respected and accomplished artists in Vietnam. He co-founded the Young Artist Association, a vanguard art group in Saigon in 1966. Trung devoted himself to figurative painting mainly portraying beautiful female figures in pure, poetic and tranquil essence. They are in great demand and he has exhibited around the world with works in many public collections and museums.

Nguyen Dieu Thuy was born in Ho Chi Minh City in 1962. A classical violinist she embarked on her painting career in her twenties. She is a member of the Fine Arts Association of Ho Chi Minh City. Her themes involve the traditional aspects of Vietnamese life, expressed in a clear and modern style, crisp colours and uncluttered composition. The paint is treated with a light touch, allowing the subjects a delicacy that shines from the canvas.

Le Thiet Cuong is one of the leading contemporary artists in Vietnam. His artistic path has passed from heavy texture and deep, intense colours, to a more minimalist style showing figures and landscapes with just a few contours. For this reason he is uniquely described as a painter of ‘simplified beauty’.

We have a large collection of unframed works – paintings and prints.

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