Gloucestershire Printmaking Co-operative (GPC) Exhibition

This exhibition showcases the different techniques that are used today to make these highly individual works of art and attempts to explain the processes used.

Gloucestershire Printmaking Co-operative (GPC) is an organisation which promotes the making of Fine Art Prints. Its members are artists who work in a variety of printmaking techniques, from etching to lithography to linocut and more, keeping the craft of the printmaker alive.

Each printmaking plate or block is carefully made by hand, individually inked and hand printed. Techniques can be combined and layered to make images, traditional rules can be broken or kept. Every single print is hand made by the artist and each print run is unique.


As part of our Gloucestershire Printmaking Co-operative exhibition we are excited to welcome some of the exhibiting artists to Chapel Arts to give demonstrations of the techniques they use.

THURSDAY 18th OCTOBER – Andrew Seaby, lino and wood cut, 11am – 3.30pm

THURSDAY 1ST NOVEMBER – Terence Millington and Christine Felce, screenprinting and etching  1pm – 3.30pm

THURSDAY 8TH NOVEMBER – Printmaker Arthur Penn, linocut 11am – 3.30pm

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