Poetry Evening. The Hippocrates Book of the Heart- 16th June, 6.00pm – 8.00pm. £5 (to include a glass of wine)

Hippocrates Book of the Heart

The heart has long been seen as the seat of our feelings, carrying metaphorical, emotional mental and even spiritual weight that has nothing to do with its anatomy or physiology. Above all it is perhaps linked to love and fear. This book came out of the Hippocrates Initiative – an annual symposium linking poetry and medicine supported by the Cardiovascular Research Trust. The editors (Prof Donald Singer, and poets Michael Hulse and Wendy French) asked many leading poets to contribute poems about the heart. The book also contains writings from cardiovascular clinicians. The book is a unique collaboration of objective and subjective views about the heart.

The poetry event will feature a conversation with Donald Singer about the melding of medicine with poetry, and there will be readings from the book by local writers

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