The History of The Chapel

The first Baptist chapel was built in 1701, it was very small, about 38 feet by 20 feet.  This first chapel was run by Tewkesbury Baptist Chapel.  The Bethal Chapel as it was known was created when the Cheltenham Baptists separated from Tewkesbury in 1753.  However the chapel had no permanent pastor until 1768, so many continued to attend church in Tewkesbury.  The arrival of the new pastor Mr Dunscombe stabilised the chapel and the congregation grew. However, by the 1810’s the chapel was again without a pastor and numbers had started to fall.  By 1785 it needed extensive repairs and by 1818 it was no longer considered viable and was demolished in 1819.

Under the leadership of a new pastor the church was replaced with the present building which was opened in 1820.  The chapel congregation grew along with the town’s growth.  Unfortunately, arguments over the direction of the church led to a split, with many members joining Highbury Chapel. Again in 1835 under the popular Pastor Rev James Smith a group split to form Salem Baptist Church.  The chapel finally closed in 1951.

After the Baptist chapel ceased, the building was subsequently used by the Mormons and then in 1965 it was taken over by the Christadelphians, becoming known as ‘Christadelphian Hall’

We are delighted to announce our upcoming event


The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers is one of the world’s premier printmaking organisations.

The RE Rebels exhibition celebrates the 200th anniversary of the birth of their founder.

A number of prints have been chosen to celebrate this anniversary show. 25 prints have been selected by Jenny Ramkalawon, curator for prints and drawings at the British Museum.

These 25 prints will be included in two box sets. One will be held in the collection of the British Museum. The second box set has been gifted to Her Majesty The Queen.

The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge has also selected 27 works which they will hold in a boxed set.

Both Chapel Arts and the Bankside Gallery will show the combined 52 works concurrently between 25th April and 12th May.

Chapel Arts will have members of the society visiting the gallery to talk about the history of the society and walk people around the exhibition, explaining the different techniques and processes being used.

25th April – 12th May 2018